Ethiopia portrait cataract surgery.
Ethiopia portrait cataract surgery.
Ethiopia portrait cataract surgery.
Ethiopia portrait cataract surgery.
Ethiopia portrait cataract surgery.
Ethiopia portrait cataract surgery.
Ethiopia portrait cataract surgery.
Ethiopia portrait cataract surgery.

Sight Unseen

This body of work was made in a hospital in Harah, Ethiopia. The people photographed have walked long distances to visit a clinic providing free eye care treatment for those with cataracts.

Without this opportunity, these people would go on without treatment relying on family members to help them with day to day life.

Photographing in this location was hectic.

There were hundreds of people being screened and then if accepted as a viable candidate for cataract surgery sent through for surgery. And that ‘s where this series of portraits has come from.

The numbered tags are used to identify the patient to their paperwork and very simply and quickly let the doctor know which eye they are to treat.

As a humanitarian photographer even though I’m often in a situation where I can’t speak the language, this was the first time I was unable to communicate through sight and gestures.

The patients could often not see me and so to communicate I would touch hands or tap a seat or have a family member translate for me.

The hospital waiting room was a stressful area with people waiting for treatment that had in many cases never even seen a doctor before.

About Kerry

Kerry Pryor

Kerry Pryor

Kerry's ability to associate with people in every situation, love of storytelling and gentle personality have seen her personal work and style really come into their own in her Social Documentary Collections.

Her talent for connecting with people has brought Kerry into some of the most humbling and hair-raising situations in life, both of which are brought to the frame with ease, flair, and dignity.

Natural care and patience are part of Kerry’s own signature style.

Her control of natural light allows her to tell stories and give voice without judgment, just capturing the honesty of the moment.

Exhibitions and details:

Solo Exhibitions:

2015, Sight Unseen Ballarat International Foto Biennale, Vic.

2014, Who Lives Here, Leichhardt Library, NSW

2013, Sight Unseen Edmund Pearce Gallery, Melbourne, Vic.

2013, Sight UnseenGlobal Gallery, Sydney, NSW.

2013, Beyond the Orphanage X88 Gallery, Sydney, NSW.

Group Exhibitions:

2014, “Head On” Selected Works, X88 Gallery, Sydney, NSW.

2013 Cross Projections, Tusculum House, Sydney, NSW.

2013, The Head On Portrait Prize State Library, NSW.


2019 Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for service to photography, and to international charitable initiatives.

2017 Photography Masters Cup, Honourable Mention, Children of the world.

2015 Photography Masters Cup, Nominee- Children of the world.

2014 Photography Masters Cup, Nominee- Portrait, and Children of the world.

2013 Finalist, Head On Portrait Prize.

2011 APPA Silver Distinction, Australian Professional Photography Awards.

2011 APPA Silver, Australian Professional Photography Awards.

2009 APPA Silver, Australian Professional Photography Awards.


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